DIY Mobile Ideas

I’ve read that hanging a mobile above a crib helps stimulate a baby’s brain and keep it entertained.  It’s also another great way to add a personal touch to a nursery.  I have always been a big DIY kind of girl, perhaps sometimes more in ambition than execution.  When we moved into our new apartment this past August we had so many things to buy for the living room and dining room but hated our old hand me down bedroom furniture.  It was not a necessity to purchase new dressers and night tables so we decided to paint that old furniture, add new handles, and it did just the trick.  I love my bedroom now, and the repainted pieces will keep me happy for at least the next few years, AND every time I walk into the room I feel a sense of pride that we did it ourselves.  That is the great result creating something you are proud of can achieve, and why not find more reasons to feel proud of yourself every day, right!?  Anyhow, thought i’d share our dresser before and after:

My new DIY goal is to make my own mobile for the little one, and I have found some great ideas and examples out there.  I love the look of several different colored tissue paper pom poms gathered together as a mobile alternative.  Here are some great examples, and a quick tutorial from Martha Stewart if you want to give it a whirl.

And the ‘how to’ from Martha Stewart:

And if you like the look but aren’t feeling the DIY, you can cheat and order pom poms from Sweet Tea Paper on etsy.

Yet another similarly beautiful look and way to kill countless hours getting messy is creating these open yarn balls, using balloons, string and a glue, cornstarch and water mixture.  Click here for a tutorial on how to create this pretty little thang:

This faux chandelier cleverly uses paint color swatches that you can grab at any hardware/paint supply store, to create such a great looking piece:

Source: via Amie on Pinterest

Or, just visit your local craft shop, and gather a bunch of pretty things that make you happy and see what you can come up with, cause for me,  usually the things that are not so perfect are what best fits the bill.

And if you’re not so much a DIY person, there are so many beautiful options out there as well.  Next up, some fantastic hand-made beauties from talented craftsman that you can buy with the click of a button.  Stay tuned.  Xo.

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