Endless Emotions + Caine’s Arcade

These past few weeks I have been brought to tears by just about everything.  Not sad tears, just pregnant person full of emotions, elevated hormones, major life changes, touched by everything kind of tears.  I thought the latest tear inducing video I watched was so moving and special, I just had to share it with you.

The video was posted on one of my favorite blogs, Girls Gone Child, and is just about the sweetest bit of inspiration, and human goodness.  Enjoy.

I have been silently following the blog Girls Gone Child for at least the past 5 years.  Not sure how I ever got started reading this parent leaning blog, but one link or another led me there, and I liked Rebecca Woolf’s writing style, her taste and her life views were in line with mine.  Five or six years later, I still check out her posts around once a week, and have followed her through raising her first, getting pregnant and having her second, and most recently having twins, her 3rd and 4th, all by the time she turned 30 – and most of this way before having a baby was on my radar.  Blogs are a crazy thing – I know lots and lots about the writer’s life, yet have read silently, never commenting or engaging, selfishly enjoying her little world as a few minute escape from my day, or future parenting education.  Anyhow, I thought I would give back by sharing her blog with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years.  She is an inspiration, raising her own bohemian babies, and soon will have her own web series on HGTV.com called “ChildStyle: with Rebecca Woolf”, about nursery and children’s room decor (envy!).

We just welcomed another perfect little person into our lives.  My bestie Alison gave birth to the most beautiful little thang, Harley Mia, and we are so lucky to be her god parents.  We spent the day with Harley on Saturday, and I got to do a photo session with her.  Here is one of my favorites from the bunch.  I am madly in love.

And finally, today is my mom’s birthday, and I know that with my own pending motherhood just around the corner, I will gain a whole new appreciation for everything my mom has given me from birth until now, and beyond.  So, happy birthday mom – looking forward to watching you become a grandma and sharing in all the amazing-ness to come.  You are the best, most loving and giving mother a girl can ask for – our baby will be so lucky to have you.

NINE days to go until my due date – NINE FREAKIN DAYS, and I still can’t believe it.  Xo.

8 thoughts on “Endless Emotions + Caine’s Arcade

  1. Hey Amie….what a beautiful message today about your mom. We all know she is special too.
    Hang in there, You are almost there and the best is yet to come!
    As I plant my little garden today, I am thinking of you and Rob. I will put some extra veggies infor you guys and the little one about to “sprout”.

    Love ya….Barbara

  2. I am so looking forward to meeting our new cousin! I continue to hope and pray that you are enjoying your nesting time and that you have a safe and wonderful delivery. (And you think you are shedding many tears now? Just wait!)
    And yeah – your mom is the best! She and you dad are going to be AWESOME grandparents!

  3. I love you Amie….always have…..hardly see you….but I think about you all the time…about the wonderful woman you’ve become….and the wonderful mom you’re about to be…..the hardest and most satisfying journey you and Rob will ever take. Always here if you ever need me. xoxo

  4. Dear Amie, what a beautiful message you posted today. I can’t wait to see what amazing parent you and Rob are going to be. I am anxiously awaiting the birth of the new baby. Wishing you an easy and quick delivery! love you so much!!!
    Mama Renee xoxo

  5. My Dear Amie,
    What a beautiful and heartwarming post you wrote. It brought tears to my eyes, which is not hard for me to do! Your birthday wishes were so touching and special. I am so lucky you are my daughter. Rob and you will make the most amazing, loving parents. Counting down the days, and am just sooooooo excited !!! I love you…..even more! xoxo Mom

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