A Few of My Favorite Things – Baby Leg Warmers

Figuring out how to navigate life with a baby on board is no easy fete. Even with a fairly easy breezy little bean like the one we were lucky enough to land, I am still tired and busy beyond belief, barely finding time for enjoyable extracurriculars like writing this lovely little blog. But alas, working on getting back into the swing of it all, and so here we are 6 weeks exactly after delivery and I am feeling the urge to share all my new baby related obsessions and some of the best things I have been gifted for baby girl.

First up and THE coolest baby accessory on the market – the baby leg warmer. Sure to add flare to any boring onsie, leg warmer’s for babies are just so darn cute I can’t get enough. In fact, I may have gone a little bit overboard right out of the gate as baby girl owns 8 pairs and now we are well into warm weather, however, check out why I just couldn’t resist:

Babylegs brand pretty much has the market cornered, making leg warmers for boys and girls in all different sizes.  Currently the newborn size fits her best but thinking she will be growing out of them pretty soon.  Some of my faves:

I also bought a few from this great shop on etsy called Knotty Baby Wear that has tons of fun choices to choose from – almost too many good ones:

Even though it’s summer, they are a great item to keep in the diaper bag for an emergency cool summer night.  You can use them on legs or arms to keep the little one warm.  Do you love as much as I do??

More favorites to come.  Until next time… Xo.

4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things – Baby Leg Warmers

  1. Thanks for sharing! This is a great and easy layering idea- and super cute…. Also guess you can change a diaper and keep them on too!

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