If I Owned A House

Howdy old friends.  Boy oh boy it sure is a challenge to get things done these days.  Working full-time and taking care of baby girl in between, all my spare moments are spent getting the necessities done like laundry, food shopping, pumping milk, putting the finishing touches on baby room and working in snuggle time with my hubby, to name a few.  Sometimes it feels like Rain has been in our lives for way longer then the three months coming up on Monday.  I’m starting to feel nostalgic for the days her newborn clothes were way too big, as her three month clothes are getting a little snug.  She is a full on smiling, blabbing, standing (when we hold her of course), drooling, curious bean with a sweet as sugar temperament and a delicious little face.  Here she is modeling my favorite bib of hers from Zigo Zago.

While I am still working to figure out my new groove and post more regularly, I wanted to share a recent fabulous find.

If I owned a home (instead of renting) it would be filled with fabulous wall paper, painted walls, and these beautiful wall decals from Shanna Murray Illustrated.  I might put one over my bed, or a sweet little corner in Rain’s room, or maybe on the door to her room like the lovely example below from The Glitter Guide (click on the link to check out the beautiful baby room of Lucca Valentine behind the door).

Some more great decals from Shanna Murray Illustrated, all available in several different colors and tons more designs available through her shop.

So much more to share, but until then… Xo.

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